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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ComicRack v0.9.27 released

Pulled a fast one this time.

An ugly bug hit ComicRack. Inker data was not stored to exported XML files or embedded into existing eComics. This meant, that when the eComic was removed from the library and readded the Inker info was lost. Sorry to all people who lost data because of this.

Also full screen mode should now work properly on Vista machines.

This version introduces basic Python Scripting support. It includes one small sample script that exports all comics into a CSV file with a few columns. The script support will be extended with the next version. I will also add some documentation in the future.

List of all the changes for Build 0.9.27:
  • NEW: Drag & Drop of books directly into explorer (desktop etc.) to copy files
  • NEW: Basic Python Scripting engine
  • BUG: Fixed fullscreen on vista (cursor and slow switching)
  • BUG: Inkers where only stored in the database and not in xml files or comic files.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

ComicRack v0.9.26 released

Finally got time to come back to ComicRack (at least for a few hours :/).
Here's the latest and greatest release with some new features and bug fixes.

Build 0.9.26:
  • NEW: Separated high quality setting for thumbnail/page display, because High quality can have a severe performance impact on drawing the thumbnail list (but it is still nice to display pages in the reader in high quality)
  • NEW: "Browse Comic" command to quickly switch the comic browser to values of the selected comics
  • CHANGE: Removed Reset button for color adjustments in Preferenced Dialog. You now can reset the values with a doubleclick on the slider.
  • CHANGE: Last Opened file is now a user setting. So remote readers do not change the this anymore.
  • CHANGE: New default definitions for Read/Reading/Not Read smartlists (now working with %)
  • BUG: Fixed installer to include the proper config file (not App.Config but ComicRack.exe.config)
  • BUG: Fixed some multithreading issues
  • BUG: Fixed Drag cursor for lists
  • BUG: Library was not saved when ComicRack was forced to exit during computer shutdown / logoff
  • BUG: Wrong size of "Loading thumbnail..." thumbnail in some cases