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Friday, August 24, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.53 released

After over 2 months i came finally around to make a new version. It mainly incorporates feedback posted in the forum.

Best Fit is a new mode that always fills the whole display area (so lets say the reader is wider than the current page, the page will be displayed with Fit Width).
Automatic Background color tries to match the background with the displayed page.
Also there's now a more robust handling of errors with the database.

Also ComicRack should again work on Windows 2000 (just as a note, based on the logs for this page, Windows 2000 is used by ~1% of people visiting).

Build 0.9.53:
  • NEW: Optional delay before browsing to the next page when using the mouse wheel
  • NEW: New fitting mode "Best Fit"
  • NEW: Automatic Background color option
  • NEW: If there's a problem with the database, ComicRack tries to restore a previous version. If this fails, it creates a new one.
  • CHANGE: Saving eComics did save the "Crumbled Paper" page on error conditions instead of erroring out
  • CHANGE: Changed "System Tray" to "Notification Area"
  • BUG: Missing initial filling of folder eComic list if sidebar was hidden
  • BUG: Folder Favorites item was not drawn till thumbnail was created
  • BUG: Paths in Favorite items where cut at the end (instead of ellipsis)
  • BUG: Fixed incompatibility issue with Windows 2000
  • BUG: Could drag&drop library nodes into itself (crash)
  • BUG: Fixed possible bug when closing editors
  • BUG: ComicRack does now get over a corrupt Database at startup

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Windows 2000 problems

The current release does not work with Windows 2000. While updating compatibility with Vista i kinda lost some legacy support...

I will as soon as possible make an update available.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New free eComic

Seems artists around the world are seeing the potential for eComics (no publishing costs etc.).

Get it at