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Sunday, November 19, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.19 released

This one finally has the long awaited switch to text type for number fields. Now you can enter 0.5 or 12a as series information.

Here's the rest of the changes for Build 0.9.19:
  • NEW: Command to hide/show the Sidebar in Library/Explorer/Favorites
  • NEW: Hot tracking effect in browsers
  • CHANGE: Switched Number & Alternate Number to Text (allowing now 0.5, 12a etc)
  • CHANGE: Comic Book Dialog remembers last active tab
  • CHANGE: Added Cancel button to Progress Dialog when getting big file lists in explorer
  • CHANGE: Keyboard shortcuts for switching list modes
  • CHANGE: Removed Searchbar and moved the items into a dropdown menu
  • CHANGE: Some changes in how thumbnails & tiles look (I hope for the better :))
  • BUG: Proposed Textbox background incorrectly displayed & as _
  • BUG: Preferences Dialog now correctly accepts Enter/Escape for OK/Cancel
  • BUG: Month, Alternate Count, Alternate Series and Alternate Number was not editable in the details mode (long click edit)

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