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Sunday, September 17, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.10 released

Here we go:
  • NEW: Added Month to meta data
  • NEW: Added "Full Screen" Button to the toolbar
  • NEW: Browser can now be docked left/right/bottom
  • NEW: Option to close browser when opening a new eComic
  • CHANGE: Switched over to unrar.dll - maybe this fixed some cbr issues
  • CHANGE: Removed non working Library Folder from Preferences Dialog
  • BUG: Fixed background scan crash with non existing paths
  • BUG: Fixed writing of meta comic information to files
Because of the writing meta info bug, the last versions of ComicRack did not write any changes to the meta data to the file. If you want to update the files with the latest information, select all your books, do a Get Info... and change a property you are not using anywhere (say Editor). Hit Ok. This will update all the data in the selected files. Do again a Get Info and change the Editor property back. Of course you only have to do this, if you WANT to write your meta info into the eComic files.

In the next days I will start adding a FAQ section to the forum.