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Sunday, September 24, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.11 released

Short summary of changes:

  • NEW: Added "Change" button to the library folders in preferences
  • NEW: Added "Read Percentage" to the Smart List fields
  • NEW: Min/Max state of reader is correctly saved/restored
  • NEW: Storing list setups for remote libraries
  • NEW: Added "Include Subfolders" option to File/Favorites browser
  • CHANGE: New Align Images
  • CHANGE: Moved docking commands into the browser caption
  • CHANGE: Speedup in resizing cover thumbnails
  • BUG: Fixed some sizing bugs when docking and/or resizing browser
  • BUG: "Mark Page Read" correctly sets the last read page
  • BUG: Fixed some navigation/part bugs