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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ComicRack v0.9.25 released

Here's a small bugfix release after all the x-mas and New Years chaos :)

As always here's a quick rundown on the changes:

  • NEW: ComicRack.exe.config file with UseLocalSettings switch. Setting this to true will store all settings in the application\Data folder and make the application portable (USB stick etc.)
  • CHANGE: Server does not send error image anymore
  • BUG: Thumbnail page curl did not uncover current page, but last page read
  • BUG: Fixed "Mark As Read". Wonder if I get this command ever right (see .24, .11)
  • BUG: ComicRack crashed when no eComic Folder in Preferences/Library was defined and a click into the list happened.

The new UseLocalSettings options allows to keep all the program/settings/library/caches in one location and therefore makes ComicRack portable e.g. on an USB stick. Simply copy the full ComicRack installation folder to your stick and add a file ComicRack.exe.config with the following content to the folder

<add key="UseLocalSettings" value="true"/>

Now ComicRack will solely run from the stick and does not read/write any data from/to your windows machine. Of course as a prerequisite you will still need .Net 2.0 installed on the machine you plug the stick into.

I will add a zip only download for this configuration later.

I hope this is the last release posted to this blog, as I really try to move all the stuff over to the new website during the coming weekend.