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Sunday, June 03, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.51 released

Again, more or less, a consolidation release.

This should fix the "Track moved files" feature.
If you move files to a new location, just make shure that the new location is covered in the Library Paths. Then hit "Scan Library Folders". ComicRack will correctly identify the moved files and just replace the path of the items already in your Library. As the old hash algorithm was broken, ComicRack will rehash all the files the first time you hit "Scan Library Folders" after the install. This can take some time depending on your Library size.

Build 0.9.51:
  • NEW: Key assignable exit command for the reader (default is Q)
  • NEW: "Mark as deleted" command in the pages browser
  • CHANGE: Save Workspace now supports selecting an existing Workspace to update
  • CHANGE: Pressing [x] in Quicksearch sets the input focus to the Quicksearch textbox
  • CHANGE: "Include Subfolder" settings are stored
  • CHANGE: Current selected Browser is stored (Library, Folders, Favs, Pages)
  • CHANGE: Separate on/off switches for current page and visible page part overlays
  • CHANGE: Next open restores all open tabs (and not only last file)
  • CHANGE: Cache is always trimmed and not only on shutdown
  • CHANGE: All lists (and not only the library) get refreshed when the library changes
  • CHANGE: Writing meta info to comic files does no longer change the modified time
  • CHANGE: Scanning also hashes all files not previously hashed
  • BUG: Fixed failed restore of docking state
  • BUG: No favorites item was initially selected (empty view)
  • BUG: Newly added items where initially added with an "Added" value of "Never" to the list
  • BUG: When directly starting a second instance, the restored old one tried to open a null file
  • BUG: "Track moved files" for scanning was broken
  • BUG: Hash algorithm for files was broken (switched over to SHA1 now)
  • BUG: Crashing bug when dropping a library folder in itself
  • BUG: Drawing bug when a drag over item also was selected
  • BUG: Correct handling of deleting/removing eComics from the library when they are still in use
  • BUG: Paging Arrows where shown even when no eComic was open
  • BUG: Ghostscript resolution was not clamped on the upside