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Sunday, June 10, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.52 released

52 seems to be everywhere now :)

Finally I came around to adjust the Favorites Folder Browser already present in the original RComix versions to its current importance.
The first versions of ComicRack (RComix) where file browsing only, so that's the reason for the prominent Favorites Folder Browser. ComicRack has come a long way and there is not really a good reason anymore to have a folder shortcut manager of the same size as the whole Library Browser.
So now you find the favorites where they belong to, as a small part of the Folders Browser.

And for all you Manga guys out there, you can now batch set the "Manga Style" setting for eComics.

Build 0.9.52:
  • NEW: Added "Manga Style" setting to Multiple Comics Dialog
  • CHANGE: Speedup of cache initialization and hit/update logic
  • CHANGE: Redesign of Multiple Comics Dialog
  • CHANGE: Library consolidation is only done every 50th startup
  • CHANGE: Moved Favorites functionality into the Folder browser
  • CHANGE: Separate background queues for slow thumbnails (have to be created) and fast thumbnails (already in disk cache). This means, that new thumbnail creation does no longer block loading of already cached thumbnails.