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Friday, June 09, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.2 released

Again bugfixes and some new features:
  • BUG: Preliminary Fix for the "Black pages" bug
  • BUG: Page Part Overlay not always shown when it should have (resize, zoom mode change)
  • BUG: Switched back to 1.3 sharpPdf library as the 2.x beta broke the pdf export
  • BUG: Wrong names for new lists/folders in the database view
  • BUG: Incomplete serialization of the xml information
  • BUG: Resize of the Database-Panel if main window is to small
  • NEW: Added "Move To Last Page Read" Command
  • NEW: Added true positional drag & drop in lists
  • NEW: Added Page Up/Down for browsing
  • NEW: Support for reading ComicInfo.xml in archives
  • NEW: Two menu entries for ComicRack Blog and User Forum
  • CHANGE: Default information file in eComics is now ComicInfo.xml (without any path)
Next release will have a reworked image caching that will a) fix the stupid black page bug and b) increase the browsing speed a little.

BTW the reason for this black page bug is that ComicRack loads pages in a background thread, because sometime in the future I want to share comics over the network (like iTunes can do with mp3).
But currently it can happen that i lose sync with this operation, and therefore the black page.