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Friday, June 30, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.4 released

This is a small incremental update adding two new features:
Smooth scrolling and panning of oversized displayed pages with the mouse, and two quick commands to open the next/previous eComic from the current list.

As always here's the short overview:
  • NEW: Panning of pages with the mouse in zoom modes (hold & drag)
  • NEW: Publisher entry for smart lists
  • NEW: Size column and grouping for the lists
  • NEW: Added command to open next/previous item from current list
  • CHANGES: Page Up/Down changes to next/previous page regardless of zoom mode
  • CHANGES: Dismissing the page context menu does not open the GUI anymore
  • BUG: Part navigation roll over on last page fixed
  • BUG: Redraw bug of the main splitter
Also I think I should finally make some screenshots so that people see what they're missing out :)