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Sunday, October 22, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.13 released

Sorry for the delay, but i had other stuff to do in the last few weeks. But anyway, here's the new version of ComicRack.

This version now has a built in ComicRack News reader (basically a RSS feed reader for this site - but this can be extended in the future). So don't be alarmed when your firewall cries on startup that ComicRack is connecting to the the internet. The program is just downloading the news feeds. You can turn it off in the reader dialog.

I also added a Cursor Keys Scroll mode to the viewer. This means that you can now toggle the function of the cursor keys between page/part navigation (the default) and classic windows page scrolling. Each has it's pros and cons. Page part navigation allows you to navigate/page through an eComic with only using the cursor keys (or the display side keys on a Tablet PC). But of course the stepping of the part locations can be a problem (no smooth positioning of the part that is displayed). The new scroll mode allows to do just that, but of course you need the Page-Up/Down or space key to change pages. And BTW, it was always possible to drag the page in zoom modes with the mouse (hold mouse and move).
I hope this will silence some of the critics of the viewer part :P

And I added a new option to disable writing meta data back to the eComic files. This way your eComic files will be left untouched. But of course, you will lose all your meta information in the case you remove the book from the library or delete the library.

As always the list of changes:

  • NEW: Added option to disable writing embedded meta info to eComic files.
  • NEW: News Reader for ComicRack news
  • NEW: Hitting space advances to next page
  • NEW: Alternate keyboard mode where cursor keys scroll instead of display the next/previous part
  • CHANGE: Meta Info from eComics is only read when adding to library or opening an edit dialog. This should also lead to faster startup times
  • CHANGE: Embedded Meta Info is now written delayed in the background. This speeds up changing info of large batches of files
  • CHANGE: Fixed unnecessary list updates when background scan added comics. This greatly speeds up adding of lots of comics
  • CHANGE: Smoothed the stick scrolling
  • BUG: Fixed wrong date grouping when ComicRack passed 00:00