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Sunday, October 29, 2006

ComicRack v.0.9.16 released

Seems i have too much time on my hands lately :)

.16 brings the long awaited and much anticipated global color adjustment settings. It also introduces an optional "Auto Contrast" setting that greatly enhances washed out scans without you having to move those sliders around :)

And as always i threw some additional bug fixes into the basket.

Build 0.9.16:

  • NEW: Global Color Adjustment Settings
  • NEW: Auto Contrast option
  • NEW: Apply Button in Preferences
  • NEW: "Next/Previous from List" commands added to Viewer Context Menu
  • CHANGE: Default key shortcuts for messageboxes with checkboxes (press Alt to see the shortcut)
  • CHANGE: Small close button for comic preview
  • BUG: Show View commands always toggled browser visibility (now only if selected view already visible)
  • BUG: Fixed the pixel bug on the left side of the first entry in the comic list
  • BUG: Bad hash code for color adjustment values that could lead to wrong images loaded from cache