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Monday, December 04, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.20 released

A litter later then usual, here's .20

This brings some cbr/rar fixes, a nice page curl effect in the lists, selectable texts for the thumbnail view and other optimizations and fixes.

As i installed vista from the MSDN subscription recently (lets say i'm underwhelmed by this XP SP3 with a candy user interface) this one also brings ComicRack better looking and better behaving into vista land :)

As always here's the list of changes.

Build 0.9.20:
  • NEW: Added startup progress indicator to the splash screen
  • NEW: Count of group items displayed in group headers
  • NEW: Text for thumbnails is now selectable
  • NEW: Library tree remembers collapsed/expanded states
  • NEW: Page Curl effect for thumbnail/tiles
  • CHANGE: Tile Background less transparent
  • CHANGE: More fluent initial window display
  • CHANGE: Better guessing of non loaded thumbnail sizes (less flicker and movement)
  • CHANGE: List selection code optimizations (less redrawing, faster)
  • CHANGE: Switched list fonts to default icon fonts of os (looks better on vista)
  • CHANGE: Smaller/nicer sort arrows in column headers
  • BUG: Default List "Recently Added" was incorrectly named "Recently AddedTime" on inital install
  • BUG: Fixed slow preview in Comic Book Dialog introduced with the full page change in 0.9.18
  • BUG: Fixed some cbr/rar issues on Vista (and maybe XP)
  • BUG: Hack for correct drawing of browser tabs on vista
  • BUG: correct IPv6 handling in Vista for server code
  • BUG: Fixed handling of incorrect windows explorer objects (e.g. Nokia Phone Browser)
  • BUG: Fixed vertial scrolling during column resize or header dragging
  • BUG: Fixed incorrect restoring of panel sizes on startup
  • BUG: Thumbnails in lists did not honour the high quality setting