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Thursday, December 07, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.22 released

Now that's what i call agile development :)

This one includes some performance enhancements, the squishing of an ugly deadlock bug, some new features and in general all the other usual mojo :)

As i've moved the thumbnail/image cache to a new location comicrack has to rebuild them. Also you can remove the old cache folder at C:\Documents And Settings\User\Application Data\cYo\ComicsRack\Cache.

Quick rundown of the changes:

  • NEW: Global filter for image keys never to use as cover thumbnails
  • NEW: Added Read/Unread/Reading filter to quicksearch dropdown
  • CHANGE: Restructured the Advanced Preferences Tab to make space for new settings
  • CHANGE: Moved image caches to local non roaming profile (better for corporate environments)
  • BUG: Fixed possible deadlock in cache/drawing
  • BUG: Fixed link to website in start menu
  • BUG: Fixed installer for Vista
  • BUG: Fixed performance for thumbnail mode list resizes
  • BUG: Fixed Alternate Series in Search Browser
  • BUG: Wrong second (uncovered) page displayed in lists in rare situations
  • BUG: Open previous comic from list did not work in reader