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Sunday, December 24, 2006

ComicRack v0.9.24 released

Merry Christmas to you all :)

Here's a little gift for you to get you over the holidays.

The new version adds support for manga style reading (right->left for double pages).
Also I've upped the maximum size for thumbnails four fold.

As always here's the rundown of the changes:

  • NEW: Added Manga Style property to comics for flipped two page display (manga reading mode)
  • CHANGE: Single click list checkboxes
  • CHANGE: Sorting by year now also sorts by series if year/month same
  • CHANGE: New maximum Thumbnail image size is 512 (small performance hit, but nice anyways :))
  • CHANGE: Cover Thumbnails now honor the high quality settings
  • CHANGE: Moved Hide sidebar into the main menu and changed the keyboard shortcuts
  • BUG: Mark as read did only work with not read comics
  • BUG: Removed invalid shortcut Ctrl-I from "Invert selection" command