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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.28 released

This one refines scripting, adds some new properties (tag, imprint), allows to define own shortcuts for the Reader and has some general user interface refinements.

With this version it should now really be possible to interactively write scripts in python for Comicrack. Some of the default commands (Autonumber wizard, commit proposed) are now written in python and can be used as reference. When i finally get around to bring the comicrack website up, i also add some reference api stuff there. For now, ask in the forum if you want to create something :)

Build 0.9.28:
  • NEW: Tags property for eComics
  • NEW: Imprint property for eComics
  • NEW: Added Script output window (display with -showscriptconsole or -scc command line switch)
  • NEW: Disabling of script compilations (-disablescriptoptimization or -dso command line switch). This allows to dynamically edit scripts while Comicrack is running
  • NEW: Script settings in preferences (enable/disable, library paths)
  • NEW: User definable keyboard shortcuts for the reader
  • NEW: Auto Fit all columns command
  • CHANGE: New layout of commands in Main Menu
  • CHANGE: New layout for Comic Properties Dialog
  • CHANGE: Converted Autonumber Wizard & Commit Proposed to scripts
  • CHANGE: Textfields will use the proposed (gray) values as initial text to edit
  • CHANGE: Better mouse selection in the browsers (no "empty space" selection anymore)
  • CHANGE: Made cursor & wheel scrolling more usable (speed and accuracy)
  • CHANGE: Some keyboard shortcuts
  • CHANGE: Moved Unread/read/reading filter into the view menu of the browser
  • CHANGE: Combined all the quicksearch stuff into one control
  • CHANGE: Removed the list options button from the browser toolbar
  • BUG: Fixed wrong hiding of cursor (introduced in 0.9.27)
  • BUG: If last opened comicbook was deleted, it was re-added to the library during next start