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Sunday, March 25, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.34 released

  • NEW: Rating Context menus now with stars (pretty)
  • NEW: Text messages of progress during startup
  • NEW: Genre Combo Box with "real" separators
  • NEW: "Hot" effect for column headers
  • NEW: Display of eComic state ("Missing File" for now) in own column and overlay
  • NEW: Blur effect for non ready pages in the reader
  • CHANGE: Rewrote the file meta info storage
  • CHANGE: Removed rounded edges on toolbars
  • CHANGE: Rewrote shutdown process to support all circumstances (close, logoff, shutdown). ComicRack no longer blocks shutdown.
  • CHANGE: Deferred compilation of scripts to speed up startup
  • CHANGE: Better image and better scaling used for rating stars when drawing thumbnails
  • CHANGE: Recent file menu shows also disk cached covers (and not only in memory)
  • CHANGE: Again slight redesign of quicksearch box
  • CHANGE: Some eComic commands are now only visible if they are useful (e.g. "mark as read" for an eComic not in the library)
  • CHANGE: Gradient shadows for the covers/pages (easier on the eyes)
  • CHANGE: Nicer error page (not the red monster anymore :))
  • CHANGE: Found a workaround for the "gearwheel" performance problem -> default is now animate
  • BUG: Drawing of columns was not correct when horizontally scrolled
  • BUG: Metadata was in some cases still written to eComic files even if turned off in advanced settings
  • BUG: File explorer did not remember last folder
  • BUG: Fixed wrong "Nothing Selected" text in Small Preview
  • BUG: Small Preview still displayed unselected books
  • BUG: Fixed wrong scaling in "Adjust Color" page preview
  • BUG: Fixed part overlay was not updated if visible and new part count was 1
  • BUG: Fixed unneeded update of page after first OK in Prefrences dialog