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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.33 released

Pandoras Box, that's what I opened when changing the shutdown procedure of ComicRack to correctly handle the event of a logoff/shutdown of the system.

All kinds GUI settings (windows positions, list setups etc) where no longer saved correctly.

The old way to do it was to close the main window of ComicRack, this would update the settings and THEN the settings where saved to disk. Funny thing with Windows is, that from the moment the main window of an application is closed in the case of a shutdown event, no codes is executed anymore. The process simply ceases to exist. It's always nice to uncover some of the absurdities of 20+ years of windows backwards compatibility.

So from now on ComicRack will simply prohibit the system from shutdown. Close ComicRack, than make a shutdown. Not the most elegant solution, but the simplest one.

Build 0.9.33:
  • CHANGE: ComicRack now prohibits the system to shutdown while running. This solves a lot of the problems of lost configuration settings (view settings, list settings etc.)