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Sunday, April 01, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.36 released

This version finally brings the batch conversion of eComics to PDF/CBZ format.

Another big new feature is reordering pages and that the reader uses the current selected Page Filter for navigation. This means you can make specific types of pages "invisible" during reading.

As always here's the complete list of changes::

  • NEW: Added statusbar animation for background file updates
  • NEW: Added check if some background tasks are still running when closing ComicRack
  • NEW: Added position marker when manually reordering a list with drag&drop (sort by position, grouping turned off)
  • NEW: Reordering of pages
  • NEW: Page Filter is now also used in the Reader (allowes to hide curtain types of pages)
  • NEW: Batch conversion of eComics to CBZ/PDF format
  • CHANGE: Added a deleted flag to pages
  • CHANGE: New statusbar animation while scanning eComics
  • CHANGE: Nicer cover images for the delete dialog
  • CHANGE: smaller line heights in detail mode
  • CHANGE: Column separators in detail mode
  • CHANGE: PDF/CBZ export does not export pages flagged as deleted and dose honor any page reordering
  • CHANGE: New overlay image for missing/deleted pages
  • BUG: Volume Group Headers where off by 1
  • BUG: Fixed column autosize for Rating and State
  • BUG: When grouped, last items in list where out of scrolling range (introduced in 0.9.34)
  • BUG: Adding eComics to the Library did not read the Page count (introduced in 0.9.34)
  • BUG: Ctrl+Wheel did not work in Page List
  • BUG: Fixed wrong vertical scrollbar in lists
  • BUG: Remove files did not work as expected in the files list
  • BUG: Fixed locking of eComic files in some special cases