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Sunday, April 22, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.42 released

This one brings a new readme.txt (thanks to clcii), dynamic left/right browsing arrows in the Reader and the proper open/save/browser dialogs on Vista.

Build 0.9.42:
  • NEW: Proper File Open/Save Dialogs in Vista
  • NEW: Proper Folder Browser Dialogs in Vista
  • NEW: Vista Dialogs have links to Library/Favorites
  • NEW: Dynamic paging arrows in the reader (move mouse to middle of left/right border)
  • CHANGE: Renamed the format names in file save/close
  • CHANGE: Magnifier is now fully opaque
  • CHANGE: Adapted navigation icons to new navigation overlay
  • CHANGE: Removed Animation option from Preferences
  • BUG: Fixed "jumping cursor" in quick search
  • BUG: Fixed wrong key name "Next" for "PageDown" in Keyboard preferences