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Sunday, April 15, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.39 released

This release brings full resolution thumbnails (and when i mean full res i mean full res :)),
a page editor for the Comic Book dialog (allows to do some basic sorting, typing of pages)
and a dynamic navigation bar for the reader to browse pages with the mouse and without switching to the browser.

Build 0.9.39:
  • NEW: Full resolution Thumbnails (better looking and better performance)
  • NEW: Very basic page editor in Comic Book dialog with option to reset page sequence
  • NEW: Navigation Bar for all pages at bottom of reader (shows when mouse it moved to bottom)
  • CHANGE: Renamed "Sync Browser" to "Show in Browser"
  • CHANGE: "Show in Browser" shows the browser if currently hidden
  • CHANGE: Finally fixed the ugly resize flickering of the library/files treeview
  • BUG: Fixed mouse selection performance problem introduced with stacking (0.9.38)
  • BUG: Fixed changing of viewmode when selecting Read/Unread etc in view menu (introduced in 0.9.28)
  • BUG: Fixed shadow border for browsers
as always
have fun