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Monday, April 30, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.43 released

This one brings a language property for eComics, better high quality thumbnails and a detailed and variable control for the magnifier.

Build 0.9.43:
  • NEW: Language Property for eComics
  • NEW: Detailed Magnifier Control (width, height, opaque, zoom)
  • CHANGE: Much better multi resolution handling for thumbnails
  • CHANGE: Added "Unspecified" entries to the Search Browser
  • CHANGE: Added "Imprint" to Search Browser
  • CHANGE: Dropdowns in Comic Dialogs are now sized appropriately
  • BUG: Fixed Double Click on Browser Arrows in the Reader
  • BUG: Changed tooltip texts for browser buttons
  • BUG: Fixed stack close button for long stack names
  • BUG: Fixed eaten click in Magnifier
  • BUG: Browser arrows in preview
  • BUG: When preview was in zoom mode next/previous button actually did part navigation
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