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Sunday, May 06, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.45 released

This is a rather big release.

It updates the User Interface that almost stayed the same for the last 6 months with new dynamic splitters, which make IMHO hiding and showing of panels and sidebars much easier.

Also for you PDF aficionados, ComicRack now supports using Ghostscript as an alternative PDF engine. So if you are running into problems with the built in (and quite hacked together) PDF parser, head over to the Ghostscript website and download and install the latest version of GPL Ghostscript.

After this you can even read eBooks with your favorite Comic Reader :)

So you may question why Ghostscript is not in the ComicRack setup package? Ghostscript is a GPL program, ComicRack is (still) closed source. So I'm not allowed to link directly to any components of Ghostscript or put it into the setup package.

Build 0.9.45:
  • NEW: Option to put ComicRack into the System Tray when closing with the [X] button
  • NEW: Built optional Ghostscript support into the PDF parser. This should enable ComicRack to read all PDF files out there, if Ghostscript is installed on the system (this means also eBook reading :))
  • CHANGE: Small redesign of Magnifier setup
  • CHANGE: General change of the splitter architecture. Splitters are now always visible. One click expands/collapses the panel.
  • CHANGE: Added tray context menu and changed open to a double click
  • BUG: Fixed non square magnifier on rotated pages
  • BUG: Comic Info Overlays displayed page information instead of comic information (introduces in 0.9.44)
  • BUG: Fixed taskbar status when starting minimized and "Minimize to System Tray" is turned on