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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.47 released

Bugfix release coming.

Build 0.9.47:
  • BUG: Fixed possible missing Cover Background for the Pages Browser (introduced in 0.9.46)
  • BUG: Cover creation in pages view could lead to the "crumbled paper" page
  • BUG: Global color adjustments where only set to the open Tab
  • BUG: Possible deadlock when changing book in viewer
  • BUG: Possible trash of cache item even when still in use (remote reading bug)
  • BUG: Main Window positions where only stored on resize and not on move
  • BUG: Possible deadlock after "Reset Pages" in Comic Book Dialog
  • BUG: Possible wrong page thumbnail size after "Reset Pages" in Comic Book Dialog
  • BUG: Small changes and fixes in Pages Context Menu