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Sunday, May 20, 2007

ComicRack v 0.9.46 released

Lots of bug fixes and enhancements coming your way :)

One of the big new features is the ability to keep more then one eComic open. Like Firefox you now can open them to different tabs.

I guess it's time to update the screenshots with all these recent changes.

And if you're reading your eComics on a portable device with a small screen, head over to the forum and check out the new "Export to PocketPC" plugin.

Build 0.9.46:
  • NEW: Tab support for Reader (multiple eComics open at the same time)
  • NEW: Support for One Shots. Just enter "-" as the Number
  • NEW: Library Browser remembers last selected list or folder
  • CHANGE: Relayout of the main interface
  • CHANGE: Removed the overlap option for the browser
  • CHANGE: Some performance improvements for the page creation with ghostscript
  • CHANGE: Display of "Unknown Size" instead of "Size: 0 Bytes" if page size is unknown
  • CHANGE: Added Top/Bottom Buttons and auto repeat functionality to Up/Down Buttons to Page Editor
  • CHANGE: New default color theme
  • CHANGE: "Use System Colors" in Preferences to switch back to system themes (blues, green, sliver)
  • CHANGE: Some general redesign of the Preferences Dialog
  • CHANGE: Again redesign of Comic Book Dialog
  • CHANGE: "Opaque" to "Opacity" in Magnifier Setup
  • CHANGE: Removed "Copy" from the main Edit Menu as this is no universal command
  • CHANGE: Better page/image mapping validation on load
  • CHANGE: Secondary windows also minimize the main window
  • CHANGE: Reader now initially defaults to fit width
  • CHANGE: Removed the Comic Info Overlay in the Reader
  • CHANGE: Added Reset Button to color controls in Preferences (removed in 0.9.26)
  • BUG: Fixed restoring current instance from system tray when ComicRack is started again
  • BUG: Navigation Bar was partially hidden by new splitters in some cases
  • BUG: Crash when switching from XP/Vista mode to Classic while running
  • BUG: Fixed ugly icons in keyboard editor on XP
  • BUG: Renamed "View" to "Views" in Page Viewer
  • BUG: Displayed length of entries in the Search Browser was too short
  • BUG: Main/Context Rating Menu for the current comic did not work
  • BUG: Toolbar/Menu commands Rating/Show info only worked with the eComic in the Reader
  • BUG: Forgot to remove "Increase Width" from the Display menu (introduced in 0.9.43)
  • BUG: Comic Book Dialog Enter/Esc did not work for OK/Cancel
  • BUG: Wrong shortcut "Ctrl-I" on page context menu in Page Browser
  • BUG: Page Type Menu in Page Browser was broken when multiple pages where selected
  • BUG: Main Menu command "Refresh" did not work in Page Browser
  • BUG: 100% processor usage bug in background processing (in some special cases)
  • BUG: Could not get pages from remote server in seldom cases (multithreading issue)
  • BUG: Trackbar could crash with zero devision bug
  • BUG: Finally fixed the changing size bug when switching from "Loading Thumbnail..." to real thumbnail
  • BUG: Fixed overlapping text in tile renderer
  • BUG: Wrong handling of reader keybordshortcuts if additional modifier was pressed (shift, ctrl etc.)
  • BUG: Fixed wrong focus problem after application start
  • BUG: Fixed internet links in the help menu to also work with internet explorer
  • BUG: Fixed long stalls when connection to remote server is broken