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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Birthday ComicRack

One Year ago I posted the first "official" version of ComicRack.

For this occasion i dived again into the depths of my version control system and pulled out this very 0.9.0 release :). If you like to see what a difference one year can make, download it and unzip it into a folder of your liking. It will not interfere with your current ComicRack release.

Actually the whole ComicRack story started a lot earlier, as you can read here (the download link in this post is dead by now, but you can download the first ComicRack version here).

When you compare the 0.9.0 version with the current one, there are some striking differences: the very clumsy user interface (the browser, the dialogs) or the slow page turning speed as there was yet no precaching implemented.

And don't forget that lots of the changes are the direct result of you, the user of this program. They often started out as ideas posted to the User Forum. So if you have some great ideas for the next year in the life of ComicRack head over and post them.

Again, Happy Birthday ComicRack.